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Maid for Home House Cleaning

Phone: (508)745-5332


Clean windows inside and outside

Wash and fold laundry

Polish furniture interior

Clean, wash full dishes and silver ware

Wash wall, wallpaper


Clean outside or surface appliances (microwave, refrigerator)

Cabinets, tables and chairs

Hand wash small glass dishes

Clean, scrub sinks

Sweep and mop floor


Party set-up/clean-up

Moving, packing, unpacking

Paint removal

Construction clean-up

Grocery shopping and cooking (optional)


Welcome To Maid For Home House Cleaning ....!

Maid for Home House Cleaning is a local MASS company—not a franchise or a referral services. We pride ourselves on offering tailor-made, comprehensive and cost-effective housekeeping services for residential and commercial customers throughout the MASS locale.

Our team of professional, efficient, and friendly maids prides itself on going above and beyond other house cleaning services in providing that personal touch helps simply your life, whilst ensuring that your home stays healthy, clean and worry-free.

Maid For Home Cleaning provides the highest standards of quality control and guarantees its services all the time—every time! If you ever have a problem, complaint or special request, our professional service providers are only a call away. Contact us now to discuss how we can help simplify your life by keeping your home sparkling clean and fresh, year round.

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